Nothing beats the assurance you get from one-on-one instruction.

Our staff of certified Personal Trainers work with you to identify your long term fitness goals and then set realistic short term goals to ensure your path to success.They will show you how to reshape your body permanently and will design a custom exercise program just for you. Learn exercises customized to YOUR body and fitness level to help you maximize your routines to get the best results in the least amount of time.

Invest in a personal training fitness plan that’s right for you so you don’t waste a single minute on exercises that can’t deliver the results you are looking for. To whatever degree of accountability you choose to afford, we have a solution.

Fitness Assessments

A proper FITNESS ASSESSMENT is an essential component to your fitness journey. It provides you with a “snapshot” of where you are in regards to health, strength/flexibility and nutrition.

The assessment includes a health questionnaire, physical measurements and weight as well as testing in strength and flexibility.

Discussion of your goals allows us the opportunity to help guide you towards the best approach for reaching your dream.

To book a fitness assessment, please contact us!

I came to Fitwells in October to lose weight, get healthy and to obtain the fitness standards that I need for my upcoming career change. I was quite uneducated on what work outs to do and how to do them. I would always come to the gym, do a half hour on the treadmill then get unmotivated to do any more then leave. I knew this time I needed some help. I was paired with Monica to train me – goodbye comfort zone, hello weight loss! With the support of a trainer, I am now more educated and knowledgeable on fitness and being healthy. I now can come to the gym with confidence and know how to do the work outs given to me by Monica. I also have support from Monica throughout the week when I do not see her. Knowing that she actually cares how my week is going is a big motivator to keep on track. Getting a personal trainer was the best decision that I’ve made; changed my life. Monica helps me with anything from what to eat for dinner other than a salad to how to improve my cardio to how to master the squat, and everything in between! I am still working hard to reach my goals and know that I will get there with the amazing help that I have at Fitwells. Thank you Fitwells! Thank you Monica!

~ Julie, Maple Ridge

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