Group Fitness Classes

GROUP POWER: A motivating weight training class that is designed to tone and sculpt your body. Group Power can help you achieve Real Results, Real Fast.

POWER INTERVAL: A 60 minute class that alternates Group Power strengthening with short, but intense cardio bursts.

STEP: A choreographed cardio class performed on an adjustable platform; followed by an abdominal workout and stretch.

STEP & SCULPT: This is an intermediate to advanced workout. We use compound and isolation exercises combined with cardiovascular work on and off the step (including moderate to intense intervals) throughout the hour for a total body muscular endurance workout.

CARDIO SCULPT: This class is a moderate to advanced workout. We begin with a 1 /2 hour cardiovascular work and finish with muscular strength and endurance using compound and isolation exercises for a total body muscular endurance workout.

CARDIO CORE FUSION: A 60 minute class that combines a cardio component with Pilates based core and abdominal strengthening followed by a full body stretch.

ULTIMATE CONDITIONING: This 60 minute class integrates cardio, sculpting, core strength and flexibility training to take your conditioning to the next level.

SPIN: A challenging, dynamic, and fun class that incorporates various drills on a stationary bike. Taught to great music, indoor cycling is an excellent physical workout.

Mind Body Classes

YOGA: Experience tranquility in this class. Participants perform yoga poses designed to stretch & strengthen the body and expand the mind.

Power Flow: This challenging class uses fluid movements and combines a flow of postures including sun salutations, warriors, core stability, balance & strength. The class itself will challenge all muscle groups and also gives options allowing for all levels to participate.

YOLATES: A relaxing and strengthening balance of yoga and pilates designed to improve posture and core stability as well as developing flexibility and improving strength.

Specialty Classes

XLAB / SMALL GROUP TRAINING: Get the results of training with a personal trainer while working out with others. Your small group training is limited to 10 people so that you get the attention you need to reach your fitness goals. See reception for registration details.

ZUMBA*: Ditch the workout, Join the Party! This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system that will tone & sculpt your body while burning fat. (Specialty programming – $3/per class)

*Specialty classes have additional fees. Please the front desk for more details.

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